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Ms. Oler's Announcements

We are just wrapping up our first semester of 5th grade at Coronado Hills Elementary.  We've been diving into several different units that all explore the central idea that Every action has a consequence.  

In Math, we have:  learned to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers, make equivalent fractions, order/compare/add fractions with the same and different denominators, and convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions.  Keep up the multiplication fact study!  These facts should be sharp and quick!

In Science, we have:  learned about Earth's changing weather and surfaces, identified how our 4 spheres interact, and most recently have been exploring energy and matter in organisms and ecosystems.  Last week we did a slimy, awesome squid dissection to learn more about how this organism uses the energy it has!

In Reading, we have:  been working on main idea and theme of various texts, inferred the meanings of words, practiced constructed responses to thoroughly answer a question at a 5th grade level expectations, and generally work smart and hard.

In Writing, we have:  finished our unit of opinion writing and launched our unit on informational writing.  This one will be challenging as we attempt to write in the proper 5th grade structure and stick to the facts!