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It's Going to be a Great Year!

Welcome to 5th grade!

Here are some simple reminders to make sure your student has an AMAZING school year.

1. Attendance is very important! Please come to school unless there is truly an emergency or your child is sick. I need my students to be present to participate!

2. Students bring home planners every day and they need them signed by a parent or guardian EVERY DAY! Students earn rewards for having their planners signed, but have negative consequences when planners are not signed. Planners are important tools to teach responsibility and keeping track of homework and important notes home. I strongly suggest creating a good routine to ensure your child has their planner signed every day. 

3. Along with planners, students can expect to have homework every day. Most of the time homework will include one math sheet (called Study Links) and 30 minutes of reading. There will be occasions when the homework varies, so please check your child's planner for current expectations. The best way to help your child with their homework is to have them teach you how to do the assignment. It's fun when your child gets to be the teacher!! Homework helps reinforce lessons in class and help me assess if students truly understand concepts. Think of homework as extra practice and a chance for your child to show off what they know. If you need extra guidance to support your student with their homework please feel free to contact me and I can offer some tips and resources. 

Attendance, Planners, and Homework are the daily expectations that will make sure your child is successful in 5th grade. I look forward to having your child in my class and working with families to support their success.