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Ms. Estis' Class

3rd Grade

Here is a list for you to work on outside of school:

  • run around outside
  • ride your bike
  • dig a hole
  • play a game with your family
  • make up a new game
  • make friends with those kids down the street you have never talked to or who just moved in
  • say hello to your neighbors
  • pick up that garbage, don't just walk by!
  • help your guardian around the house
  • ask your family members what they did during break when they were kids
  • make a list of all the inventions in your house (lightswitch, toaster, doorbell, dog colar, spoon, that thing you never noticed before)
  • think about how they have made your life easier
  • ask your family and neighbors what invention changed their life (My grandma would say cans! Before canned fruit and vegetables she could only eat what was in season.)
  • make a list of inventions you will create
  • make a list of problems
  • think of how you can solve two of them
  •  write a story about your adventures 
  • lay in the grass and watch the world go by
  • climb a tree
  • clean your room
  • contemplate life
  • READ (to yourself, your cat/dog, sibling, cousin, guardian, aunt/ uncle, kid next door or a tree)

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