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Adams 12 Five Star School District Celebrates!

Dear Coronado Families,

Over the past week, we've been trickling out the good news regarding school and district academic performance as that data has been released to us by the Colorado Department of Education. I've been fortunate to participate in some of those announcements and to watch several celebrations on video. The cheers, tears, and ovations at each of these gatherings are telling regarding the root cause behind the district's elevation to PERFORMANCE status, as well as the accreditation rating improvements by 14 of our schools throughout the system. That root cause is the unwavering commitment to improved student success and well-being embedded in the hearts and souls of the entire Five Star Staff.

Our work in public education has never been more challenging -- or more important. During the past ten years we've seen parts of our community grow poorer, and we've seen the stress and strain from ongoing economic challenge manifest itself in increasing  mental health needs and families in crisis. We now serve many more second language learners than we did a decade ago, including students from a wider array of countries and backgrounds, which has further stretched a system already spread thin to be responsive to these more diverse needs. We've done our work in the midst of state funding reductions that leave us tens of millions of dollars behind the funding received in several of our neighboring districts and in most states in our nation.

Staff members in some school systems would throw in the towel, in the face of these challenges, or would be content if they could simply preserve the status quo for students. That's not true of the staff of the Five Star District. Your hard work, your refusal to quit following setbacks, your genuine commitment to the success of all children in a diverse community, and your "can do" spirit have been the most important ingredients in the recipe for improved student success and well-being. And because of your work, more of our students are developing critical skills that will provide real hope and expanded opportunities to them as they continue their life journeys.

I respect you, and am proud of what you have accomplished, more than words can express ... I am so honored to be your colleague and to serve this community.


Chris Gdowski


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