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Mrs. Oler's Announcements

We've had a great start of the school year.  Recently we launched our second PYP unit of the year:  Sharing the Planet.  Our central idea is, "Every action has a consequence."  As a class, we recently watched an awesome video called "Kindness Boomerang", which explores some positive consequences associated with kind actions.  I attached a link for the video below!

In science we've begun a unit on Stars and Space looking at gravity, star distances, and patterns related to motion in our solar system.

In math we just finished an AWESOME unit on Geometry.  The students were learning the language of Geometry and solving number puzzles created with angles and lines.  Next up for us is Division.

In literacy, we're diving into a new project using the language of cause and effect.  We will each be choosing an environmental issue or problem.  We will be researching how it is caused and how it impacts our planet and its people.

This Friday we just celebrated our Fall Party.  It was a blatst!  Thanks to those families who were able to provide a snack.  We ate well and were very appreciative!  Thank you notes are coming home to you this week.

We will continue exploring how we share the planet and how our actions affect others.  Have a great month!  PS.  If you get to this secret message, come tell Ms. Oler, "I read the secret message!"  I will give you a treat :)