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Kindergarten Newsletter

In Kindergarten this month your child will be learning the following:


·         count forward from 0 to 21

·         count back from 10 to 0

·         read the numbers 0 to 10

·         compare lengths of two objects


·         recognizing the letters of the alphabet

·         the high frequency words:  a, am, I, see, can, like, is, the, and, my & it.


·         Draw a picture that tells a story

·         how to hold a pencil correctly

·         directionality (writing from the left to the right and from the top to the bottom)

·         concept of a word (that letters make words)

·         begin to use letters and sounds to write words

Science/Social Studies- We are learning about the students traits: Inquirer, principled, thinker, caring, communicator, open-minded, risk-taker, balanced, knowledgeable, and reflective. Our unit of is about school rules! We are learning what school is like, how to follow the school rules, and making connections between our school and other places we visit in our community.