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Ms. Estis' Class

General Education

Welcome to Room 216!!!

I look forward to meeting you at Back to School Night!!


Here is a list for you to work on outside of school:

  • What zone are you in? (I am in the _________ zone because I am feeling  __________. I am experiencing feelings of _________ because _____________.)
  • Calculate the length of the day.
  • Complete at least 3 problems from your math review.
  • Practice your math facts
    • Walk around the house and every time you see a number multiply it by the number you are working on.
    • Create your own Fact Platter and use it to practice. 
  • Complete one section from one of your economics books.
  • Create one of the "Me in a Thinking Map" to show how your life is different while you are on break. 
    • Circle Map- defining
    • Bubble Map- describing qualities
    • Double Bubble Map- comparing and contrasting
    • Tree Map- classifying
    • Flow Map- sequencing
    • MultiFlow Map- cause and effect
    • Brace Map- part to whole
    • Bridge Map- seeing analogies
  • Read a book. This includes books and text you read online. 
    • Was your book fiction or non-fiction?
    • fiction
      • Who are the characters?
      • What is the setting?
      • What happened in the plot? (Remember this is not a retelling but just the most important events.)
      • What was the conflict?
      • How was the conflict solved?
      • What is the theme of your book? (If this book was in our classroom library, which book bin would it be in?)
      • How would the story be different if it was told through the eyes of a different character?
      • If you were in the story, which character would you be?
      • Why did the author write this book?
    • non-fiction
      • What is the topic of this book?
      • What nonfiction text features are in this book?
      • How did the nonfiction text features help your comprehension?
      • What is the main idea of the book?
      • What details support the main idea?
      • Did you learn anything from this book? What did you learn?
      • Do you have any questions after reading this book? Where could you look to find the answers to your questions?
  • Who in your household is Squid of the Day? Tell them why you believe they have earned that title. 
  • Play a game with your family.
  • Make up a new game and teach it to someone. 
  • Complete a Zentangle
  • Recite the class pledge
  • Draw a picture using only quadrilaterals.
  • Draw a picture using only triangles. 
  • Count the change in your guardian's pocket, coin purse. ASK PERMISSION FIRST. 
  • Help your guardian around the house. 
  • Ask your family members what they did during a break when they were kids.
  • Make a list of all the inventions in your house (lightswitch, toaster, doorbell, dog collar, spoon, that thing you never noticed before.)
  • Think about how they have made your life easier.
  • Ask your family what invention changed their life. My grandma would say cans! Before canned fruit and vegetables she could only eat what was in season.
  • Make a list of inventions you will create.
  • Make a list of problems.
  • Think of how you can solve two of them.
  • Write a story about your adventures.
  • Clean your room. 
  • Contemplate life.
  • READ (to yourself, your cat/dog, sibling, cousin, guardian, aunt/ uncle...)