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March  2020:  Opinion Writing with Evidence

Plastics:  Pro or Con?


"Investigating Plastic Pollution" from Algalita-

"Benefits of Plastics" from GPCA-


Kids Go Green (plastic facts and videos)-

Kid Cyber (plastic facts)-

National Geographic "Ocean Plastics"-


January 2020:  Research Writing

Biography Research for Famous People in History

Online research options:

1.  World Book Student:

2.  Duckster's Biographies for Kids:

3.  Mr. Nussbaum's Biographies for Kids:

4.  Google Kids search: 

5.  Epic!

For creating timelines:



Landform Research

**Must Do:  Get topic approved by teacher, use multiple resources, complete research organizer, create/complete presentation on this topic

Check out a book from the library!

World Book Online

Mrs. Nussbaum's Landforms:




August 19, 2016:  Learn to Type Correctly

BBC Bitesize- Dance Mat Typing: