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We will use the following resources during the year. Access them at home to practice the skills you are learning in class. You can also use these sites to share your learning with your family.

Although we make every effort to ensure sites included on our resource list are of the highest quality there may come a time when a link becomes broken or a site fails to meet our high standards. If you discover a broken link please send a message to Ms. Estis with the name of the site and broken link in the subject line. If you encounter a site that doesn't seem right please notify you teacher immediately or email Ms. Estis. 

It is your responsibility to show integrity while viewing information on the internet.

Whether at school or home you must follow the essential agreements:

  • always have your guardian or instructor's  permission before using the internet
  • define your purpose before using the internet (research, entertainment, skill practice, communication)
  • consider the source
  • when communicating with anyone ALWAYS be positive and polite
  • before sending anything be sure you have your guardian or teacher's approval

Failure to follow the essential agreements will result in the removal of our resource pages.