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Coronado Technology

Boy Looking at Binary Code

Welcome to the world of Technology!

Today, technology is an essential tool. Whether using pen and paper to design a building, or an advanced computer with 3D modeling to send astronauts to space, technology makes life easier and puts information instantly at our fingertips. In schools, students and teachers use digital tools that supplement and enhance learning activities; gives students more real-world experiences without leaving the classroom; provides greater access to differentiated learning materials; and allows them to access content at any time and  from any where in the world, using a computer and the internet. Not only that, students learn essential 21st-Century Skills like collaboration, problem solving, and troubleshooting. When used like this, technology increases student engagement, motivation, and accelerates learning!

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy instruction in Adams 12 Five Star Schools addresses the skills that our students need to be productive, successful citizens in the 21st century. 

Digital Literacy includes:

  • Information Literacy - ­ the ability to find relevant information; the ability to evaluate information for reliability and validity; the ability to use information to draw conclusions or create a product
  • Technology Literacy ­-  the ability to select and use a variety of software, applications, mobile devices, and online tools and programs to produce digital products
  • Digital Citizenship ­- the ability to use technology (online programs and sites, computers, and mobile devices) appropriately and responsibly

Digital Literacy Skills are important to us here at Coronado Hills Elementary and teachers work hard to create meaningful standards-based lessons that incorporate technology, when appropriate. My role at Coronado is to partner with teachers to co-plan and co-teach technology infused lessons to all students at our school! Together we have challenged students to create their own Google Maps, green screen videos, and how to access and use our online databases and books to conduct research. Students have also used Powtoon and Google Slides to create presentations on their content reports.

This year, my goal is to continue the work we've already started, but I also want to introduce students to Computer Science (CS) and coding. Together, CS and coding teach students, even as early as kindergarten, how to creatively think, troubleshoot, and problem solve difficulties when they arise. Skills which are important both in and out of school. If you have any questions about technology, Digital Literacy, or how to keep your kids safe online, please don't hesitate to contact me